Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Brothers Big Sisters at AGS

A party of ladies and their young friends, all part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, came to Aquila to make glass pendants. They all had fun times designing and creating little works of art. Big sisters and little sisters alike caught on quickly and had no trouble piecing together their pendants, choosing colors and deciding what kind of texture they would like in the end. Everyone made about 6 pendants!
Scott even got some of them to make little droplets of hot glass (with his help!) and it was brilliant to see their little faces light up in front of the flame as the glass became molten and turned into a little dot.

If you would like to schedule a party like this, give us a call - and if you are inspired to become part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization - please do - click on the link to find more information about volunteering or donating funds for this amazing group of mentors! I like this slogan found on their website:
"Expanding horizons through the power of one-on-one friendships"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

excited! about! decor!

It seems to me like Aquila is a work in progress. The guys are always moving things around, rearranging and reorganizing in order to make more space for cool stuff.
One thing that never got finished (or so it seemed to me) was the bathroom. Oh sure -- it has the important parts (toilet, sink, mirror, towels). But someone had picked up some wood panels and molding for wainscoting the wall in the potty. And there the wood sat for the longest time. There was at least one occasion I offered to grab a hammer and put the paneling up myself, but let's be honest -- nobody wants that. Nobody. Aimee + Hammer = Bad Idea. (I'm much better at DEconstruction than construction.)

But I digress.

The last time I was at the studio, I noticed that the wood paneling was finally in place! The bathroom was nearly done -- all that was left was the crown molding. It looks great! I get so excited about bathroom decor!! Let's use more exclamation points!!!

And as I come out of the bathroom praising the wonders of wainscoting, Scott gives me a look. "You know... we did that like two months ago. It was like that the last time you were here."
So much for my powers of observation...