Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving Kilns is Hard Work

Wednesday the guys moved around the kilns in the studio... making room for 3 more in the kiln room and then moving them into place.
These glass kilns weigh hundreds of pounds each. They are not easy to move!
Scott did a lot of pointing.
And then he did some more pointing....
and then some more...

Thanks Jan for taking pictures!

Weren't we doing this last year? (moving that is) Here's evidence! I blogged about it last year too!

Once all this moving and shaking is done, there will be a new cold-working room and 30% more kilns space. WhooPee!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Glass Galor Lincoln City

Hello All - I put up a couple of pictures from the Glass Galore. It was a beautiful weekend and there was a lot of people who came through. See the good lookin guy in the first picture? :)

One of my neighbors

and another neighbor

and another neighbor

And our favorite weekend torch teacher Andi.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Virtual Studio Tour


We are about to start moving things around again (more kilns to fit in the back... a cold working room to empty and re-fill with equipment... the upstairs is being completely wiggled around as well... funny - wasn't it last year at this time that we were remodeling as well!)

Anyhow - it seemed like an appropriate time to take a walk-thru of the studio. It will be different soon. I will do it again once "the wiggle" is done.

My apologies for my funny voice narrating the video :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Day Oregon at Aquila

The TV crew from Good Day Oregon spent the morning with the guys at the Aquila Glass School.

Heres a little video clip!

Busy Tuesday

The studio was abuzz with activity, glass creations and classes.Torchworking Tuesdays!
Poe-tastic-Tuesdays has become a regular event here at Aquila. Every Tuesday Jonathan Poe mans the torchworking table all day, helping people out and answering questions. Its a pot-luck affair, so there was plenty of food (and lots of sugar!) for all. Poe kept busting out into song, I tried to take a video... no luck.
Three classes happened: an Introductory Fusing class in the morning, a one-on-one Beadmaking class in the afternoon and a Borosilicate Hollow Forms class in the evening. I can genuinely say everyone had a good time today.

And then we had to clean the studio, because Good Morning Oregon (with their TV cameras and crew) arrive at 5am the next morning!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Torchworking Class!

Last night was a fun class where glass artists learned to make fused glass embellishments using a torch.
We played with fire!
Projects included: Dots, Swooshes + Swirls, Petals + Leaves, Latticino, Encased Dots and Curlie Cues

Here is a video of me making the "curlie-q's" - Enjoy!


Third Thursdays: Pictures from Oct 16th

This last Thursday was pendant night at the studio - its an open studio night where anyone can come (no experience necessary) and make pendants which they get to keep for just $1/each.Its fun to see people bring their families, children, friends and loved ones.
There were a couple of groups from the Big Brother Big Sister organization - two women brought in their "little sisters" to enjoy making glass jewelry with them. How fun is that!
The pendants all are made with little pieces of scrap from the studio, and they get fired in a kiln over the weekend.
The Third Thursday of every month is Pendant Night. This upcoming November Third Thursday will be a night of making pendants for children that have been diagnosed with cancer, all the pendants made that night (Nov 20th) are donated to Legacy Emanuel here in Portland.