Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy Tuesday

The studio was abuzz with activity, glass creations and classes.Torchworking Tuesdays!
Poe-tastic-Tuesdays has become a regular event here at Aquila. Every Tuesday Jonathan Poe mans the torchworking table all day, helping people out and answering questions. Its a pot-luck affair, so there was plenty of food (and lots of sugar!) for all. Poe kept busting out into song, I tried to take a video... no luck.
Three classes happened: an Introductory Fusing class in the morning, a one-on-one Beadmaking class in the afternoon and a Borosilicate Hollow Forms class in the evening. I can genuinely say everyone had a good time today.

And then we had to clean the studio, because Good Morning Oregon (with their TV cameras and crew) arrive at 5am the next morning!

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